Adding and Deleting Commodity Codes

Commodity Codes are classification codes used for buyers to classify products and services. Assigning a Commodity Codes to your profile allows you to receive automatic email notifications of any projects matching the codes that have been posted on Bonfire.

To access the Commodity Codes interface in Bonfire, you must first be logged in. Once logged in click the Settings link in the top banner. Once the Settings page is open, you'll find a tab titled Commodity Codes underneath the Global Vendor Records option on the sidebar.



From this tab, you will be able to search for relevant codes depending on the services / products you would like to be matched against. Once you find a relevant Commodity Code you can add it to your profile by clicking the + sign next to the code. 



To delete a Commodity Code from your profile, you can simply click on the "x" next to the Commodity Code, as shown below. 




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