Project Templates

If you frequently run similar types of projects you can choose to create a Project Template to save time on the initial setup of future projects.

You can create a Template from any project that is in any active stage. We've added a separate section on the Dashboard for you to see all your Templates. From there, you can keep a curated list of templates and then click into them and Create a Project based on the template.

When you create a new Template, you will become the Owner of the template. The Owner of a given template has complete edit privileges over the template, a Department Manager can also edit a template provided it is in their Department, and an Org Admin can edit any template at any time (please see our User Roles in Bonfire page). 

Creating A Template

From an existing project, click on the Actions button and select Create Template From Project


Once the Template has been created, you will be taken immediately to it. Note the purple tag that is used to identify Templates. The Template by default will take on the name of the project from which it was created from with "- Template 1" in the title.


At this point, you can modify any attribute of the template to your liking.

Where Do I Access My Templates?

Templates are accessible on the main Projects page under the Project Templates section:



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