Consensus Scoring Questionnaires

By default in Bonfire, vendors' responses are ranked based on the average of the scores entered by the evaluators, however sometimes (after group discussion, for example) you may wish for a single score to override the average and count as the vendor's final score.

This is where the Consensus Scoring feature comes in handy. Consensus Scoring can also be applied to individual answers in a Questionnaire. In this article we'll cover the following:

NOTE: Consensus Scoring is a feature that is not available by default. Please contact Bonfire Support to have this feature enabled. Once enabled for the portal, you can then choose to apply it on a project-to-project basis.

Enabling Consensus Scoring

In order to have Consensus Scoring available as an option, click Actions -> Edit Project in the top right corner of your Project Details page. The Edit Project page will appear; check off Consensus Scoring



Entering Questionnaire Consensus Scoring

To access the Questionnaire for Consensus Scoring, we need to first navigate to the individual Scoring Summary for the vendor submission we wish to add a Consensus Score for. 

To do this, click on the appropriate vendor's name/total in the Scoring Summary section of the Project Details page:


Once the vendor's Scoring Summary page loads, scroll down to the Evaluation Group that the Questionnaire was mapped to. Access the Consensus Scorecard by scrolling to the left and click on the Edit button to enter the Consensus score you would like to add.


The Consensus Scorecard will pop up. Click on Score Questions to enter the scorecard view:


You can tell that you are in the correct scorecard view as the scorecard will have a purple Consensus label at the top of the page.


Applying a Consensus Score

You can enter the consensus score in one of two ways. The first is to enter it into the score box at the bottom of the page. 


You can also double-click on the question scoring to access the Question View. From here, you can view all Evaluator scores for this question at once. You can then enter your Consensus Score in the score box at the bottom of the page, leave a comment (optional), and click on the green checkmark to enter the score.  


Once back in the Scorecard View, should you choose to delete any Consensus Scores, you can do so by clicking on the trashcan icon that appears next to the Consensus Score. 


NOTE: Only a Project Owner can enter consensus scores on behalf of a group of evaluators.

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