What is a Project Editor?

A Project Editor can see and edit a Project Draft only. They have the same viewing and editing access as the Project Owner. Project Editors lose access to a project once it has been published. Project Editors do not have the ability to publish a project.

This role can be added to a Project Draft through the People section on the Project Details page.

First, we will have to navigate to the Project Drafts section on the Dashboard:


Once a new Project Draft or existing Project Draft is opened, the People section will be listed. On the right there is the Manage button that will list the option to create/edit a new Editor or Observer:


Once we have selected Editors a Manage Editors window will pop up allowing us to either remove a Current Editor or add a new Project Editor by Selecting a User or entering an email address then clicking Add Editor:


A Project Editor will have full viewing and editing access to the project until it is Published by the Project Owner. Below are the views from the Dashboard and Project Details page in which a Project Editor will see: 



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