What is a Project Observer?

A Project Observer can view all aspects of a Project Draft or a Published Project, including scores, as well as being able to view and download submissions and documents in the same way that the Project Owner can. However, Observers cannot make any changes to the project, and Project Observer is a read-only role.

This role can be added to a Project through the People section on the left-hand menu. From the People section, you can click on the Observer tab. On the right-hand corner of the Observer tab there is a Manage button that will allow you to add/edit Observers:


From the modal that opens, you can add a new Project Observer by Selecting a User or entering an email address then clicking Add Observer:


A Project Observer will have full viewing access to a Project Draft or a Published Project, including all the scores and vendor submission documents. Project Observers can also download Submission documents. Below are the views from the Projects Dashboard page and the Project Details page that a Project Observer will see: 



For more information about Bonfire's User Roles, please read User Roles in Bonfire.

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