Internal Discussions

The Internal Discussions feature allows users involved with a project to collaborate and start discussions directly within Bonfire. 

The messages are visible at all stages of a project (pending/open/evaluation) and only Project Owners (and Project Editors for Drafts) can start new Internal Discussion threads.

Located under the Messages section, these threads are visible to anyone who can see the project internally (Reviewers, Advisors, Observers, etc.) These internal users are all notified via email of any new messages or thread updates.

To initiate a new Internal Discussion, click on the Start a new Internal Discussion button:


From the new window that pops up, you can choose to whom you want to send the message to internally, the subject of your message, and the body of information you wish to share. You may also choose to attach a file to the internal notification. File attachments will appear under both the Internal and Messages tabs under the Files section. 


The Reviewer/Observer can choose to respond directly to the thread by typing into the text box provided.

Please note that Internal Discussion emails are automatically queued and sent via email once every half-hour (30 minutes).

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