Project Drafts

What Are Project Drafts

Project Drafts are a function within Bonfire that allows you to fully prepare a project for launch prior to publicating the the project. This allows you to set up Requested Information, Reviewers, Criteria and more to your specification, as well as throughly reviewing the project, prior to making it available to the general public.

How To Create a Project Drafts

There are two options for creating a Project Draft.

First, you can create a new Strategic Sourcing Project or Price-Only Bidding,  publishing your Project Draft when complete.

Secondly, you can create a Project Draft directly from your Project Drafts dashboard, accessible via your Projects Dashboard. You can find that here:


To create a Project Draft, start by clicking on Add Project Draft to the right of the Project Drafts section of the Projects dashboard:


This will load our Create Project Draft page.


 From this point, you can follow our more specific articles to create the kind of Project Draft you need.


Editing Files within Project Drafts

For organizations with the Bonfire Solicitation Builder (File Library and Drafting) module, users will be able to edit internal and public files within a project draft via the In-App Document Editor. These files are NOT linked to templates, so updates to these files will not update files within project templates nor the file library - changes to these files will remain within the project draft itself.

To open these files within the In-App Document Editor, navigate to a project that is still in its draft stage and click on Files on the left hand side. Ensure that there is at least one editable file (.doc or .docx) uploaded to either the internal or public files section. Once you have located the Word file that you wish to edit, simply open the Actions menu associated with that file and select Open in Editor:


For more information on editing files with the In-App Document Editor, please see the ​Editing and Formatting Features​​​ section in our Bonfire Solicitation Builder (File Library and Drafting) article.

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