Project Drafts

Project Drafts provide buyers with the ability to work on projects in Bonfire without having to set dates and worry about the project automatically opening. Project Drafts can be worked on for as long as is needed, and collaboration among project participants can be facilitated using the Internal Discussion feature.

When ready, the Project Owner can formally publish the Project. Project Owners can additionally invite internal stakeholders to collaborate within Bonfire during the draft stage (see the Adding Editors/Observers to a Project Draft section below for more info).

Creating a Project Draft

To create a Project Draft, start by clicking on Add Project Draft to the right of the Project Drafts section of the Projects dashboard:


The Create New Draft pop-up will appear. You will notice this is similar to the first step when creating a new project. Fill out the details and properties as you normally would, then click the Create button:


The draft will be created and listed in the Project Drafts section of your dashboard. 


Click on your draft's name to access its Project Draft Details page. From here, you can work on your Draft the same way you would with any regular project:




Adding Editors/Observers to a Project Draft

Editors and Observers can be added to a Project Draft under the People section by clicking on the Manage button for that heading.

An Editor can view all components of a Project Draft and can make changes to a Project Draft, however they cannot publish a draft.

An Observer has read-only access only; they can view all components of a Project Draft but cannot make any changes to it.


Publishing a Project Draft

When you are ready for this project to go live, select Actions -> Publish Project


Publish Project pop-up will appear and ask you to fill in some additional details including your project dates:


NOTE: A project cannot go back to being a Draft once it is published. 

After publishing, you will be brought to the Project Details page for this now Active project. The project will now be accessible from the Active Projects section of your dashboard. You will also notice the project status has changed from Draft to Pending or Open (depending on when your project dates were set for). 



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