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Vendor Registration

Registering for a New Vendor Account is very simple.  

On the Procurement Portal click on New Vendor Registration


Fill out all of the listed fields and then click on Create Account


You will then be taken to the Registration page. Follow the Registration Steps listed on this page:


 The first step will require you to visit your listed email to Confirm your Account:


After Confirming your Account in your email you will have the option to fill out general information for your vendor account in the Profile section in Step 2:


If the organization has set up Vendor Types, you will also be able to select and self-identify which Vendor Types you belong to (you can select more than one Vendor Type if more apply).  If the organization has also set up Custom Fields in association with a particular Vendor Type you've selected, you will see an additional tab populate labeled Custom Fields, which is located next to the Profile tab:


Within the Custom Fields tab, you will see any sections that you will need to complete based on the Vendor Types you selected:


Once you fill out the necessary information, the incomplete orange status will update to complete green status.  You can then click Save and move onto the next step:


For Step 3: Documentation, you will be presented with any Documentation the buyer requires you to upload as part of the Vendor Types you have selected. Buyers can also attach a template to the requested Documentation. Click on the download icon to retrieve the template. Select the upload file to insert the appropriate documentation into the desired slot:


You will be prompted to choose the file you wish to upload as well as select an expiration date if required by the organization. As a vendor, you will receive notifications when a requested document is expiring or has expired.


Once the file has been uploaded, the red status button will turn green and you will be able to move to add your Commodity Codes.


NOTE: You will receive email notifications for documents that are expiring within 30 days and documents that have already expired. This notification will be sent out every 15 days.  If you accidentally select the wrong expiration date when you upload a file, you can change this by clicking on the file slot, deleting the document and then re-uploading the document again:

In step 4, if the buyer has made Commodity Codes mandatory, here is where you will have to enter them.

The type of Commodity Codes can be seen on the top of the search bar. The Commodity Codes chosen will be shown at the very top left of the screen.

You can delete currently selected codes and add more as desired. You can locate codes via a keyword search or by typing in the code itself. After adding your commodity codes, you will be able to complete your registration:


Once you have Confirmed your Account and completed all the steps you will have access to Bid Opportunities on the Portal


Congratulations! You have completed the registration process and can now log in to create and upload a Submission

Your login credentials will work across all Bonfire organizational portals (within a given country).

For instructions on submitting a bid, see Creating and Uploading a Submission.




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