Account Settings Overview (for Internal Users)

In this article we will go through a brief overview of the Settings section for buyers and evaluators/reviewers.

NOTE: If you are a vendor, you can find a brief overview of your Settings section here.

Once you have logged into your account, click on the chevron beside your name at the top right, then Settings in the dropdown menu:


You will then have access to five different tabs in the left sidebar. Click the links below for instructions on how to change each aspect of your profile:

  • Email and Password - This is where you can go in and edit your user email or change your password.
  • Profile Picture Say cheese! You can upload a profile picture to associate with your account in this area.
  • Preferred Language Enter this section to change your portal language to our five options of English, French, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Timezone - All dates in the app will be displayed relative to your chosen timezone.
  • Name - All edits to the spelling of your name can be made in this area. 

Email and Password

At any time you can go into this section and edit your account login email under the Change Your Email heading. (Do note that in order to change your email, you must enter in your current password for security reasons.)

In addition, under the Change your Password section, you can change your password if you wish to. Once you type in your updated email or password click the corresponding Change button to save those changes. 



Profile Picture

In this section, you can choose to associate a profile picture with your account. By selecting the Choose File button you can upload any photo in a .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format. Once you have selected your file, click the Upload button to finish uploading your profile picture.


You will know your profile picture has been uploaded successfully if it appears:


Preferred Language

In this section, you can adjust the default language that the portal is displayed in. From the drop-down menu, you can choose between one of five languages (English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish). Do note that this preferred language setting is strictly for your profile only and will not impact other users.



By default, all dates and times on the portal are displayed using the Organization's timezone. However you can set your own personal timezone preference through this section to display all dates in the app relative to your chosen timezone.


If you would like to return to using the Organization's timezone at any time, simply set your own preference to "Default" from the dropdown menu.


If at any time you need to adjust your name in the portal, this is where you can make that change. You can simply write in your preferred spelling of your first and last name and click Save:


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