Vendor Performance Management

The Vendor Performance Management tool is an effective way to monitor a vendor's performance through their interactions with buyers. It allows buyers to collect information from selected respondents on any given vendor through multi-question surveys. Buyers are able to configure as many surveys per vendor as they would like.

Buyers can configure surveys for any given vendor, with one of several possible cadences (repeats) and can add any number of respondents via email.

Cadences can currently be set to weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly.

Surveys will repeat on the given cadence using day-of-week.


  • Survey is configured monthly for the 18th
  • In the starting month, the 18th is the 3rd Wednesday
  • All subsequent surveys will send on the 3rd Wednesday of the following month

Accessing the Performance Survey Modal

The Configure Vendor Performance Survey modal gives buyers an opportunity to create surveys pertaining to any of their vendors. Buyers can access this modal by navigating to the Vendors module and clicking the Create button under the Performance Surveys tab:

This modal can also be accessed directly from a Vendor's page if a Buyer wants to create a survey for a specific Vendor; this can be done from the Vendors module by clicking on the Vendor Records tab, and then selecting the icon to the right of the vendor's name:

From here, click the Create button located within the Performance Surveys tab.


Configure Vendor Performance Survey Modal

Once you have opted to create a performance survey, a modal will appear on your screen. If you selected the survey creation option from the main Vendors module, you will have the option to select any vendor from the dropdown menu: 


Conversely, if you selected survey creation on a specific Vendor's page, that area will populate for you immediately, without offering the dropdown menu:


Aside from this small distinction, the modal will be identical no matter how you choose to set it up.

Questions Tab

The Buyer needs to name the survey and identify the Vendor it pertains to. A Buyer also can assign the survey to a specific contract that the selected Vendor is associated with.  


Every survey includes the original Net Promoter Score (NPS) question, asking how likely the respondent would be to recommend the Vendor to be scored on a 0-10 scale. This question cannot be modified. The Buyer can then indicate whether a text-based comment accompanying the rated response is required, optional, or not allowed. Aside from this question, the Buyer can customize the rest of the survey however they see fit, by adding Questions or Instructions.Vendors.png

Adding a Question

By selecting the Question button, a new question will automatically appear at the bottom of the survey:

Order: the buyer has the option to use the arrows to reorder their questions. Upon clicking the arrow, that question will be automatically reordered to its new position, provided that the order number reflects a valid number within the survey. Keep in mind, the mandatory question must always be ordered 1.

In this case, if you wanted to move Question 2 below Question 3, you would click the up arrow beside the two (increasing the value from 2 to 3), and the questions would be reordered automatically:

Question: the buyer can enter their question in the body here.

Answer Type: the buyer can indicate whether they are looking for a simple rating, or a paragraph response. If they select Rating, they can choose either 0-5 scale or 0-10 scale.

If you opt for the Paragraph option, the rating dropdown menu will freeze, indicating that the question will not receive a numeric rating. This action will also freeze the Comment column beside it, indicating that comments will not be allowed for that question. 


Comment: in the event that the question is receiving a rated response, the buyer can indicate whether a question is mandatory, optional, or not allowed.

Required?: if the check box is selected, the question will be required; otherwise, it will be optional to the respondent. 

Actions: the buyer can either duplicate the questions, creating an exact replica directly below, or delete the question.

Adding Instructions

By selecting the Instructions button, a new instruction will automatically appear at the bottom of the survey. Instructions are text notes for the survey that will be visible to the respondent, but do not prompt any sort of response. They can still be reordered, duplicated, or deleted at any time within this modal.

Schedule Tab

Once a Vendor has been selected from the dropdown menu within the survey configurational modal, a Schedule tab will automatically appear beside the Questions tab. Upon clicking on it, the buyer will be able to select a date and cadence at which they will send out the survey:


Frequency: the buyer can opt to send this survey out to its respondents one time only, or they can send it repeatedly at a given cadence; weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly.

Survey Start: the buyer can select the date on which they wish to send out the first, or only, copy.

Survey End: the buyer can either select Never, in which case the survey will continually send out at the specified cadence; or they can select On, in which case they can select a specific end date.

Respondents: Use the drop down to select an existing account or enter the email address of the desired respondent. For those respondents who are not registered in Bonfire the First Name & Last Name fields are editable. 

The buyer has the option to add respondents with the "plus" button on the right side.

From there, the buyer can click the Save button, thereby creating the survey.

Survey Creation Notice

After the survey has been created, a notice will pop up at the top of the buyer's dashboard, indicating that this action has occurred.

Performance Surveys

Clicking on the Performance Surveys tab will provide a summary of all applicable vendor performance surveys:


This tab will link to specific vendors and contracts whenever applicable. The Show Inactive Surveys button in the bottom left corner will open any additional surveys that have been marked inactive below. Engagement and Performance Rating are also displayed here, and can be sorted from highest percentage to lowest percentage or vice versa using the arrow bars to the right of the heading.

Engagement: engagement score is generated based on whether each respondent has responded to the survey in the last two cadences.

Performance Rating: this score takes the average rating the vendor has received across all respondents in the last two cadences; however, this score only pertains to the original NPS question in the survey.

Actions Dropdown

To manipulate or examine existing surveys, click on the Actions dropdown menu on the right side; this will display the following list of options:


This gives the buyer a number of options:

Edit: bring up the survey configuration modal we saw earlier in the course, change survey settings

Copy: create an exact duplicate of the survey

Mark as Inactive: this survey will be moved to the inactive section below;

Test Survey: send a test email to the current user's account, in which they can view the survey exactly how the respondent would view it.

Download: download an excel spreadsheet in which all responses to the survey are visible. Alternatively you can use the Download All Items button located at the top of the listing to export an entire listing of all survey results.

Respondent's View

This is a sample view of what the respondent might see once they open the survey; keep in mind, this will change based on the questions that are asked in the survey configuration process.


Once the respondent submits their results, they are immediately recorded in Bonfire.


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