Why is the Questionnaire protected?

If you are filling out a Questionnaire as part of your submission, you are only permitted to fill out the Response and Comment column. All other aspects of the sheet are protected to ensure that the format is not altered. 

The Comment column is where you may be requested to provide more detail or an explanation; a text-based answer you would type in. In the below example for the first question, the Buyer has indicated that the Comment cell should be left blank. For the second question, the Buyer has indicated that a Comment is required, therefore you will have to input a Comment for that question in order to complete the Questionnaire template:


You may see some questions where there is a hyphen or dash in the Response column. You are able to provide a free-form answer in both the Response and/or Comment column. 


Note the adjacent cell changes from pink to green to indicate a particular question has been completed.

If you try to type your answer over any of the formatted cells (question, #, Title cells) you'll see a popup similar to the screenshot below:

If you try to unprotect the cell, you'll be prompted to enter a password. This is to protect the correct formatting of the Questionnaire; in order to type your answer, simply move to the correct cell (Response and/or Comment columns.

It is important that you complete the Questionnaire as it's formatted, otherwise, you will not be able to upload it to the Bonfire Portal. 


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