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How do I view the results for a bid or Award Notice?

To view an Award Notice, navigate into the purchaser's Bonfire portal and click on Past Public Opportunities. Note that not all Organizations have the Past Public Opportunities feature enabled, and if so, this tab will not be available. 

From the Past Public Opportunities tab, all opportunities that have been Awarded are marked with the green AWARDED badge.


Click on View Opportunity to view the Project Details page, then scroll down and locate the section called Award Notices. You'll be able to see which Vendor was awarded the Opportunity. Additionally, if you click on View Award beside the awarded Vendor, you'll be able to view any further details associated with the award. 


NOTEIf the project does not have the green AWARDED status or you do not see an Award Notices section, then that either means the bid has not been awarded yet or the award has been posted somewhere else outside of Bonfire. In this case, we recommend reaching out directly to the purchasing organization for more details as they are the only one who can provide the award information.

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