How do I receive bid notifications only in my area/region?

If you'd like to receive notifications for only your state or province, or only those you're licensed in, you can easily set that up via the Settings menu.

First, you'll need to ensure you've logged into Bonfire. Click on the chevron beside your name (top right) then click Settings.

From there, you'll see a tab called Global Vendor Record located on the left hand side of the page. If you click on this and navigate to the Commodity Codes tab at the centre of the page, you'll see Service Regions displayed at the bottom of the screen.


By clicking the blue link called Select Specific Subregion then clicking in the Select Service Regions field, you'll be able to narrow the regions you will receive notifications from. Once you've done that, you will not receive Bonfire Opportunity Notifications from any other regions.




NOTE: You may still receive Invitations to participate in Projects outside of your selected Service Regions. These are sent out directly by Project Owners (Buyers) and Bonfire has no control over these. If you do not wish to receive these direct invite notifications, please reach out to the Purchasing Organization to have them remove you from their invitee list. 



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