How do I delete an alternate submission?

If you've accidentally started an Alternate Submission and you don't want to submit it, you do not need to delete it. Any submissions that you have not submitted and finalized will not be received by the Project Owner (or purchaser).

If you've already finalized your Alternate Submission but would like to withdraw it, the steps to un-submit are similar to how you would un-submit your primary submission as outlined on our Can I un-submit my bid once it has been submitted and finalized? page.

Once you click on the Submissions page (located at the top of portal page), you can view your Completed Submissions against the Opportunity by clicking on View Receipt.

NOTE: Your Alternate Submissions will show "Alternate #1", "Alternate #2", etc. next to your Vendor Organization name so you can easily identify them. 

You can then un-submit by clicking on the link, bringing your submission back to Work-in-Progress status so that it will not be received by the Project Owner. 

NOTE: You may only un-submit a submission so long as the project is still "Open" and the Project Closing date has not yet passed.

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