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How do I contact the Project Owner?

This video will show you how to reach out to the project owner with questions regarding the bid: 


In order to contact the Project Owner with any questions you have related to the Project's specifications, you'll want to first see if Opportunity Q&A is available on the Project.

First, log into the Bonfire Portal. From there, click the View Opportunity button next to the opportunity you have questions about. Then, on the Project Details page, scroll down to the Messages heading and select the Opportunity Q&A tab:

From there, you can click the button to begin the process of submitting your questions:

On the right-hand side, be sure you fill out the Subject and type your questions into the Message field. Once finished, click Send.

There are multiple ways to receive a reply to your question. You may receive a direct (non-public) response to your question which will show up under the Opportunity Q&A tab, in which case you'll receive a notification via email.


In some situations, the Project Owner will post a Public Notice or an addendum/Q&A file to answer multiple vendor questions at once, which can be viewable via the Supporting Documentation section on the project page.

NOTE: If you do not see the Opportunity Q&A TAB available or the deadline to ask questions has passed, we would recommend that you review the bid documents to see if any other contact information was provided by the Project Owner.

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