How do I contact the Project Owner?

In the event you have questions concerning project specific details or need clarification on any details mentioned in the Supporting Documentation of a project, the best course of action is to reach out directly to the Project Owner. Bonfire Support isn't able to provide direct contact information for the Project Owner due to privacy legislation, but there are a few steps you can take to contact them! 

Step 1: Opportunity Q&A

You can contact the Project Owner with questions regarding the project's specifications using the Opportunity Q&A. You'll want to first if the  Opportunity Q&A is available on the Project. To check, log into the organization's Bonfire Portal. From there, click the View Opportunity button next to the opportunity you have questions about. From the Project Details page, you can check if the Questions Due Date has passed or not.

If the Questions Due Date has not yet passed, click the Ask A Question button, which will automatically scroll to the Messages heading and select the Opportunity Q&A tab:




If you don't see the Opportunity Q&A tab, or the due date for questions has passed, move to Step 2.

If Opportunity Q&A is available, you can click Start a New Opportunity Q&A to begin the process of submitting your questions:


On the right-hand side, be sure you fill out the Subject and type your questions into the Message field. Once finished, click Send.

There are multiple ways you might receive a reply to your question. You may receive a direct (non-public) response to your question which will show up under the Opportunity Q&A tab, in which case you'll receive a notification via email.


In some situations, the Project Owner will post a Public Notice or an addendum/Q&A file to answer multiple vendor questions at once, which can be viewable via the Supporting Documentation section on the project page.

Step 2: Supporting Documentation 

If you do not see the Opportunity Q&A tab available in the Project or the deadline to ask questions has passed, there may be contact information for the Project Owner available in the Supporting Documentation for the Project. There may also be contact information provided in the Project Description.

Step 3: Public Information

If you have confirmed that there is no Opportunity Q&A on the project and you were also unable to find any means of contact in the documents for the project, the next step is to move on to a search engine. Sometimes, an organization has a publicly available contact page, which may be able to help you locate the Project Owner or the team that they work with so you can ask your question.


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