Custom Questionnaire Instructions

When setting up a Questionnaire in Bonfire, Buyers have the ability to add custom instructions in order to provide more information and context to Vendors when they are completing the Questionnaire Template. Custom instructions can be added to the instructions page of the Questionnaire, each individual Question Set, or each Subset.

Questionnaire Instructions Page

Instructions that are applicable to the entire Questionnaire should be added to the Questionnaire Instructions Page. To add instructions to the Questionnaire Instructions Page, first click on the Edit button:


From here, type any instructions you would like to give to vendors in the Instructions box:


After the Questionnaire has been created, any custom instructions added to the Questionnaire Instructions Page will appear on the Vendor Template as Additional Instructions:



Question Set Instructions

Instructions that are only related to one Question Set can be added to that individual Question Set. To add instructions to a Question Set, navigate to the Question Set and then click on the Edit button:


On the Edit Question Set modal, type any instructions you would like to add to the Question Set:


After instructions have been added to a Question Set, they are seen directly under the Question Set title on the Vendor Template:



Subset Instructions

Instructions that apply to a small group of Questions can be added to an individual Subset. Find the subset you would like to add instructions to and click on the Edit button:


On the Edit Subset modal, type any instructions you would like to add to the Subset:


Once the Questionnaire has been released to vendors, Subset-specific instructions can be seen when a vendor hovers their mouse over the purple question mark shown beside the Subset title: 



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