What is the Project Details page?

Any time you internally access a Project on Bonfire, you will initially load the Project Details page.


The Project Details page allows you to make edits or changes to the project's settings or schedule, view project attributes, check important dates or make other important high-level changes to the project.

When navigating through a Project, you can always return to Project Details by clicking Details on the left navigation bar, as indicated below:


What are Project Labels?

Each project is labeled with its' status, name, reference number, project owner, department and visibility settings.


What Can I Do on the Project Details page?

Your Actions menu may vary based on the type and number of Bonfire modules you have enabled on your portal. If you have questions about any of the Actions listed, please reach out to your dedicated Bonfire Client Success Manager, or the Bonfire Support team.



Edit Project

Click on Edit Project to edit project-wide settings, metadata or other important attributes.


Edit Schedule

Click on the Dates dropdown menu to adjust your project's schedule, including important dates such as Questions Due or Evaluate By. Check out How do I change the Open/Close/Evaluation dates? for more information.


Manage Events

Clicking Manage Events will load the Manage Event page, where you can add important bid dates or other date-sensitive information. Learn more about managing Events here: Setting Up Custom Events & The Vendors' Perspective


Cost Management

Clicking Cost Management will open the Cost Management popup window, where you can input current, past or expected spend in order to track your organization's overall spend metrics. You can use this data with the Insights Module.


Submission Instructions

Clicking Submission Instructions opens the Instructions popup window, allowing you to download a customized document for your vendors. You can read more about Submission Instructions here: How do I download Submission Instructions for my Project?


Preview on Portal

Clicking Preview on Portal will load your Project's Opportunity page, which is your Project's external view/vendor view. This preview can help you determine if you need to make any changes for clarity and helps ensure everything is in order prior to project launch. You can read more here: How do I see a project from the Vendor's view?


Create Similar Project

Clicking Create Similar Project will open a confirmation screen, where you can accept creation of a Similar Project. Similar Projects include the same Criteria and Requested Information as your current project, and you can read more here: How do I Create a Similar Project?



Duplicate Project

Clicking Duplicate Project will open a confirmation screen where you can choose to duplicate your current project in full. Duplicating a project will create an exact copy, which you can use to test various scenarios or processes. You can read more here: What is the difference between creating a similar project and duplicating a project?



Create Project Template from Project

If you have created a live project that could fit a wide variety of applications, you can easily create a template version of the project, which you can use to quickly create customized projects. Clicking Create Project Template from Project will open a confirmation window that will allow you to create the template. Read more about using templates here: Project Templates




Clicking Share will open the Share Project popup window. Click anywhere in the Select Groups field to select from a dropdown menu of your organization's user groups. 




Clicking Delete will open a confirmation window that will allow you to entirely delete your project from your portal. You can read more about deleting projects here: How do I delete a Project?

NOTE: Deleted projects cannot be restored. 




Clicking Delete will open a confirmation window that will allow you to entirely delete your project from your portal. You can read more about cancelling projects here: How do I cancel my Project?



Delete Project COI and Delete Opportunity NDA

Clicking Delete Project COI or Delete Opportunity NDA will open a confirmation window that will allow you to delete Declarations from your project. You can read more about Declarations, including Conflict of Interest and Non-Disclosure Agreements, here: Declaration Module - Conflict of Interest (COI) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)





NOTE: The Actions menu is contextual, and may change based on your Project's status, your enabled Modules, or other specific portal or project settings. If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated Client Success Manager or Bonfire Support.

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