How do I combine or split multiple PDF files?

There are several ways to either combine multiple PDFs into a single file or split a PDF into multiple files regardless of you using a PC/Windows or a Mac. We will go through these options below:

If you are looking to Merge and Split:

  1. Using desktop software like Adobe Acrobat (note: Adobe Acrobat is the paid-for version, not the free Adobe Reader). You can download and use Adobe Acrobat on a trial basis (click the link above, then click the Free 30-Day trial button on the right).
  2. Using free dedicated tools like PDFsam ("PDF Split and Mergeā€). Unfortunately, this solution is for PC only. However, it is completely free and open-source. Once installed, open PDFsam, select Merge/Extract on the left menu, Add your files, select an output destination, and press Run. Another popular option is SmallPDF available for both PC and Mac. This software is like Adobe, it is based completely on editing PDFs. You can do this fully online or by installing the tool. 
  3. Printing a paper copy of all materials and then using your copier's "Scan to PDF" function to produce a complete PDF. This method is recommended only as a last resort as it results in a much larger file size.

If you are looking for only Merging or Splitting:

  1. Using free dedicated online services that combine PDFs, like MergePDF or PDFMerge!. These services take your individual PDF files and return a combined copy (for free).
  2. Using free dedicated online services that split PDFs, like PDFSplit! or These will take your PDF file and split it either into pieces, or you can pick just a few pages.

NOTE: The sample solutions provided above are for general knowledge only. Bonfire does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of these solutions. Any action taken upon the information on this article is at your own discretion.

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