Can I revise my submission?

The answer to this question will depend on whether your submissions have been Finalized or not; in both cases the project must still be in the Open stage (i.e., accepting submissions) in order for a vendor to change their submission.

Submission Not Finalized

If your submission hasn't been finalized simply click the trashcan icon in the file that you need to replace:


You can then upload the correct file in the appropriate upload slot.

Submission is Finalized

If you've finalized a submission and would like to change the files you've uploaded, you may do so if the project deadline has not passed using the following instructions:

1. Make sure you are logged in using your email and password. If you're not, you can click on the Log In /Register link in the top right corner of the Portal).

2. Once logged in, click on the Submissions link at the top of the page.


3) Once you're on the Submissions page, click on the Completed tab. Next to the submission that you would like to un-submit on, select Actions and then View to view the submission receipt. 


4) Once on the receipt page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link to un-submit your submission.

NOTE: Un-submitting your submission will make it seem as if your submission was never made at all! Please ensure that you un-submit with enough time to finalize your re-submission.


After you un-submit you will have the opportunity to make edits to any current files/submission data and upload additional files (if required).

NOTE: When re-submitting, you do not have to re-upload ALL files. You will only have to upload for the files/data you wish to change.

Once you're finished revising your submission, click Submit & Finalize again before the project deadline or else your submission will remain as a Work-In-Progress. When you submit again, you will receive a new email confirmation receipt with a new confirmation number.

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