What are the Project Stages in Bonfire?

Projects in Bonfire move through 5 stages: Pending, Open, Evaluating, Completed, and Archived.

Here are the key things to know about each stage:

  1. Pending: Projects in the Pending stage are completely editable by the Owner (and Managers). The project's general information (name, dates, etc), Requested Documents, Criteria, and Reviewers are defined in this stage. A project in the Pending stage doesn't appear on the Public Portal.

  2. Open: Projects move into the Open stage when their open date/time arrives. Projects in the Open stage are shown in your Public Portal and are open to supplier submissions. Projects in this stage are still mostly editable by the Owner (and Managers).

  3. Evaluating: Projects move into the Evaluating stage when their close date/time arrives, and the project has been released to evaluators. Projects in the Evaluating stage are no longer accepting supplier submissions (no longer appear on the Public Portal). 

  4. Completed: Projects move into the Completed stage when each Reviewer has completed their evaluation of each supplier submission. Projects aren't marked as Completed automatically, rather they're assigned as Completed when the purchaser thinks it's appropriate to do so. Once a project is marked as Completed scores are locked and cannot be changed.

  5. Archived: Projects can be manually moved to the Archived stage once a decision has been reached by the purchasing team and evaluators. The archived projects can always be accessed by clicking on the View Archived Projects button in the left navigation bar (see How Do I Archive A Project?)

Projects can be marked Awarded, in addition to holding Completed, Archived, or Evaluating status. Awarded Projects are also visible on the main Project Dashboard.


You can read more about Awarding projects here: How do I Award a Vendor?

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