How do I add a new user?

Any Reviewer or Advisor who is invited to play a role in a project is automatically added into the Organization as an Organization Member

Users designated as Organization Members cannot create or manage projects. To create a user who is capable of creating and managing projects go the Manage tab in the top ribbon, and click on Create User in the Users section.

Note: Only Bonfire users who are designated as System Administrators can view the Manage tab.

Once the Create Agent / Manager modal pops up, enter the email of the user you wish to add, choose their role, and choose their Department (if applicable). When finished, click on the Create User button. Once the button is pressed the new user is automatically sent an email with an invite to join Bonfire.


When the invited user clicks on the invite link, they are routed to a page that allows them to enter their name, and choose a password. The new user can now create and manage projects, and will automatically appear in Bonfire drop-down menus.

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