How to Export Individual Reviewer Scores

The Reviewers Scores report allows Project Owners to export an Excel (.xlsx) file that includes scores for individual reviewers. 

  1. Navigate to the Scoring page found on the left navigation pane.
  2. This will take you to the Scoring Summary. Click on Reviewer Scores.
  3. Select the applicable reviewer from the drop-down menu (next to Reviewer:). 
  4. Once a reviewer is selected, click on the Export Excel button. This will then export an Excel (.xlsx) file of that individual's scores.


If you are looking to export a more in-depth Scoring/Reviewer Summary Report, take a look at our How to Export Evaluation/Scoring/Reviewer Summary Reports article.

If you are a Reviewer and would like to export your own score, take a look at our How do I export my own Reviewer Scores? page.  

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