Private (Unlisted) Projects

Bonfire gives the option of running either Public, Private or Invite-Only projects. Public Projects are those that appear on your Public Portal and are visible to any vendor who arrives at your Public Portal's URL. 

Private Projects are hidden from the Public Portal and can only be accessed by vendors who possess a unique encrypted link. 

(For information on Invite-Only projects, see Listing - Vendor Invites & Invite Only Projects).

In order to create a Private Project simply select Private under Visibility in the Project Creation pop-up.

The project visibility can be changed at any time via the Actions button on the Project Details page and selecting Edit Project in the drop down menu. 

Once the project is created you will have access to the automatically generated Submission Instructions to distribute to vendors you wish to invite to bid (see Submission Instructions). You can also quickly find the encrypted Project Link by clicking the Actions button on the Project Details page as shown below. 


NOTE: The only way a Private project will appear on the procurement portal is if vendors are sent an Invite to the Private project. In this case, the project will also appear under their My Opportunities tab.

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