Criteria Types

To allow for more flexibility in creating scoring sheets, Bonfire provides the ability to create 3 different Criteria Types:

  1. Pass/Fail
  2. Rated (Scale/Input)
  3. Pricing

You can add Criteria by clicking on the corresponding Manage button. Here is an overview of what the different Criteria types look like in the Manage Criteria modal:


(To learn more about the Criteria feature as a whole, please see our How to Set up Criteria for Scoring page.)

Let's have a closer look at each Criteria Type:

Pass/Fail Criteria

Pass/Fail criteria are not assigned any weighting. They are typically applied to signed forms, certifications, and other mandatory sections. Please note that scoring Pass/Fail criteria with a Fail does not automatically disqualify a submission (see our Eliminating a Vendor page for further information). 

Here is what the Pass/Fail criteria looks like from the Reviewer's point of view:


Rated Criteria

Rated criteria are the most common and representative of typical weighted criteria. There are 2 different kinds of Rated Criteria.

Rated Scale criteria are scored by selecting integers along a scale (by default in Bonfire, this is 0-10 but other scoring options are available) and can be assigned a weighting specific to the criteria. For example , "Team Experience" can be a Rated Scale criteria with a weighting of 30 points to be scored out of 10. This means that each reviewer would provide a score out of 10, and then Bonfire will tally up the full scores based on each Reviewer's score as well as the criteria weight in the Scoring Summary.

Here is what Rated Scale criteria looks like from the Reviewer's point of view:


Rated Input criteria are similar to the Rated Scale criteria above. These criteria are assigned a point weight, however they are not scored based on a rubric like the Rated Scale criteria. Instead Rated Input criteria are scored by entering any value (integer or decimal) from 0 up to the point weighting assigned to the criteria. For example, if "Team Experience" was given a weight of 30 points, the evaluator can enter a score of 29, 15.5, or any other value between 0 and 30.

Here is what Rated Input criteria looks like from the Reviewer's point of view:


Pricing Criteria

Pricing Criteria allows the evaluator to enter in the price provided by the vendor directly into the Scorecard. Bonfire then automatically calculates the score associated with the price based on the pricing provided by all vendors. The lowest price receives the highest score, the 2nd lowest price receives the 2nd highest score and so forth. The scores are assigned proportionally based on the lowest price. The formula used to score pricing follows: 

Score = (Lowest Cost / Cost Being Evaluated) X Pricing Criteria Weight 

Here is what the Pricing criteria looks like from the Reviewer's point of view:


For further information, please see our How do I score Pricing Criteria? (For Evaluators) page.

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