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How do I change User Roles?

Bonfire has multiple User Roles, allowing an organization to control the level of access each user gets in Bonfire. Every user in Bonfire is granted an Organization Member user role, whether it's a manager, evaluator, or an agent.

On top of the Organization Member role, users can be assigned additional roles to give them more control or to grant them more access in Bonfire.

NOTE: Only Users with the System Administrator role has the ability to change User Roles (see User Roles in Bonfire for more info).

Granting or taking away roles from a user is really simple. First, click on Manage in the top bar. Once there, click the Edit Roles button along the row of the user you wish to edit. 


Once the Edit User Roles window pops-up, you can either Delete an existing User Role or Add a new role.  


That's all takes to manage User Roles in an organization!

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