Evaluating a Project in Bonfire

For Evaluators:

Performing an evaluation in Bonfire is really simple. This video will guide you through a typical evaluation in Bonfire:

Bonfire allows you to easily and quickly evaluate vendor submissions without the hassle of dealing with paper documents, complicated excel scoring sheets or a messy directory structure on your drive. All of the submissions and criteria are in one place; your scores, comments and progress are automatically saved and tracked so you can quickly jump in and out of Bonfire.







Registering with Bonfire

The Project Owner will send an email invitation for you to evaluate a project. This email is sent from Bonfire (no-reply@gobonfire.com) and will look as shown below:


Watch the three-minute long training video that is linked in the email, then click Accept the invitation.

You will then be brought to an account creation screen, as shown below.


Input your information, then click Create Account.

Once you have created your account, you will be sent an Account Confirmation email. While confirming your account is not necessary, you will be prompted to complete confirmation every time you log in until you have confirmed your account.



Signing Into Bonfire

Once you have completed registration, you will be able to sign into Bonfire by any of the following methods:

  1. Navigate back to your original Invitation email and click Accept the invitation.
  2. Sign in through the purchasing organization's portal link.


Working With A Project

Once you have signed into Bonfire, you'll see a Project Dashboard with an overview of projects that you may be assigned to. Click on the Project you wish to start working with. 




Once you have selected your Project, you will be presented with the Project View. The Project View provides an overview of key aspects of your project: important dates, evaluation criteria and vendor submissions.



Before you can review Submissions, you must sign the Project's Conflict of Interest or Non-Disclosure Agreement declarations, if applicable. Read more about signing NDA/COIs here: I am an Advisor/Reviewer/Observer, where do I find the NDA and COI forms?


Scoring Submissions

To begin scoring Submissions, first click on Submissions on the left navigation bar. Once the page has loaded, you'll see a list of active Submissions, together with a Scorecard button. Click the Scorecard button for your selected Submission to begin!

You can also navigate directly to a Vendor's Submission documents by selecting a document under the Documents/Data column in the Submissions section.




Once you have opened the Scorecard, you will be able to input your scores and comments.



If you have chosen to open a document under Documents/Data, then you'll see the document rendered into the Document Preview, as shown below.



Please note that the Document Preview is intended to be a preview only, and we recommend downloading and reviewing the file prior to making a decision.

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