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Importing Criteria Using an Excel Spreadsheet

If your Project has many Criteria you may find it more convenient to import your criteria from Excel into Bonfire. The process is very simple and requires the use of a special template we've prepared for this purpose. Let's take a look at the steps.

First, navigate to the Criteria section of the Project Details page. Click on Import Excel to launch the import screen.

Next, download the template to be used to fill in the criteria.

Open the template in Excel, and fill in the columns as shown. First, select either Criteria Group or Criterion. Next fill in the Title, Criteria Type, and Weight (note for Pass/Fail Criteria there is no weight, and as such you can leave it blank), then a description of the criteria (the description is an optional input).

NOTE: It is very important that you assign the correct Evaluation Group to each criterion, as you will get errors if criteria are assigned to an Evaluation Group that hasn't been created (e.g., assigning criteria to Evaluation Group 3, when only 2 Evaluation Groups exist). Once all the Required Information has been assigned for each Criterion / Criteria Group, the row will automatically be highlighted in Green to indicate completion.

Once the template has been filled out, save the file. Make sure the file stays in XLSX format, otherwise your import will fail.

Once your file is saved and you're ready to import the criteria, go back to the Project Details page and click Import Excel again.

Click Choose File and locate the Excel template filled out earlier, and click Upload. If the upload is successful, you will be notified. If not, you'll see an orange bar warning you of upload problems.

After the file is imported successfully, press Hide and wait for the page to refresh. You will then be able to view the criteria imported into Bonfire. 

NOTE: Importing criteria from the same Excel file does not overwrite the existing criteria, but just creates a brand new set. This is because the Import function only adds new criteria and doesn't examine existing criteria prior to import.

You can always edit any of the criteria by pressing the Manage button next to the Criteria section.

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