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How do I mark an awarded Vendor?

In this video, I will be showing you hot to award a vendor through Bonfire:


Bonfire allows you to track which Vendor was awarded a contract under a project. An Award Notice can be be only internal to users within the organization, or it can be made public. This article focuses on the Internal Award decision.

When a Vendor is marked as "Awarded", the Vendor is NOT automatically notified of the award. This feature is strictly internal. If you're interested in learning how to issue a Public Award notice see Public Award Notices & Public Archives (Past Public Opportunities).

To mark a Vendor as awarded you first need to mark the project as Completed (see What happens when I mark a Project as Completed?). Once marked as Completed, scroll down to the Submissions section, locate the Actions button, and click on Award.


Fill in the date, value, and reason for the Award.


When finished you'll see a star next to the Awarded Vendor. Note, that multiple Vendors can be marked as awarded (as in the case of an RFSQ for example).


If a Vendor was awarded by mistake, repeat the steps above. Instead of Award, under the Actions menu, you will now see un-Award.

Internally, projects with awarded Vendors will have a green badge under the title of the project to indicate that an award has been made.


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