Amending a supplier's submission

From time to time suppliers mistakenly upload a file to the wrong slot (e.g., a pricing document in the proposal document slot) or they include the pricing information somewhere in the proposal. For this reason, Bonfire provides the ability to edit a supplier's submission after the project closes. 

The Amend feature allows the Project Owner to swap documents uploaded by the vendor with other documents while keeping the original copy on hand for future reference. The feature also allows you to add files to a given document slot, which is useful if the vendor provided you with a required file during the Rectification Period. 

In the example below, the vendor "Bitty Kitty Rescue" included the pricing sheet in their proposal. The purchaser would like to remove the pricing page from the proposal and re-upload the "price-free" version of the proposal back into Bonfire. The purchaser would also like to upload an additional file to the Completed Forms slot, which was provided by the vendor during the Rectification Period.

Before starting to amend the proposal, first, download a copy of the original file and make the necessary modifications to the file(s). 

Once the file(s) have been downloaded and modified, the first step is to navigate to the Submissions section on your left navigation bar, then click the Actions button next to the supplier you wish to edit the proposal for. From the drop-down menu choose Amend.


Once clicked, a new modal will appear. In our example, the Proposal Requirements is the file that included the pricing information. From the drop-down menu next to File to Amend, make sure the Proposal Requirements document is selected. Next, upload the modified file to replace the original. Finally, type a comment on why the submission had to be amended.  


Once finished, click Amend

Note that the original submission is always accessible by the purchaser. The Amend action does not delete the original copy of the submission. However, evaluators on your project only have access to the amended version of the submission.

Here's what it looks like once a submission has been amended.


With the first amendment done, we'll now upload the additional file to the Completed Forms slot.

Follow the same steps as before, by clicking Actions then Amend next on the appropriate vendor row. Under the Completed Forms heading select (Add a Document...)


Now type in the Reason for the amendment and click Amend.


That's it. You'll now have the new file show up under the list of documents as if the vendor had uploaded them.

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