Data Fields

When creating a project in Bonfire, you can choose to receive submissions from vendors as either document (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) or data (numeric, text) or a combination of both.

Adding Data Fields to a project simply allows the vendor to enter specific information as part of their submission. Data Fields are added using the same screen as Requested Information and can be edited under the same section in Bonfire. Here's an example of Data Fields in a project:


On the vendor side the submission process requires them to fill in the required data as shown below: 


It's important to note that the RFx document should explain clearly what is expected from the vendor for each field. Similar to uploading Requested Documents, the information that goes into the Data Fields should be prepared by the vendor well ahead of the submission time. So the vendor simply copies and pastes the information right into the Data Fields as required.

Data submitted by the vendor is viewable in the Data Viewer the same way that other documents are. To view the data, go to the Submissions section, then click on the drop-down menu under the Documents/Data heading before clicking Submission Data.


This will show all data from all Vendors laid out side-by-side under one page as shown below:


All other submissions are easily accessible allowing the user to quickly compare data across multiple submissions. That's it for Data Fields!


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