How do I internally upload vendor submissions into Bonfire?

If you opted to use another method to receive supplier documents, you can still upload them right into Bonfire for evaluation. This may be the case if you're still receiving documents physically with a digital copy on a CD/USB, or if you're using a separate service to receive digital submissions.

First, you need a project created in Bonfire that reflects the submissions that you have received. In other words, if the submissions came in from vendors in two separate files, your project in Bonfire should have at least two Requested Document slots.

Navigate to the project page and scroll down towards Submissions.

NOTE: Your project must be in the Open or Evaluating project stage to be able to upload a submission.

Click on Create Submission.


In the pop-up modal, enter the Company Name, Bidder Name, and their email address.

NOTE: You can use any email address here, including your own. The bidder will not be notified of the submission upload.


Click Upload Submission to start the upload process.

You will be taken to the Submission Preparation page where you will get to upload the files you received/scanned one by one according to the Requested Documents structure you set up earlier. As Project Owner, you are able to upload multiple files per document slot when creating an Internal Submission.


After uploading the files, check the checkbox above the Submit and Finalize button and then click the button. In the example above you will notice this button is currently greyed out since a required document still needs to be uploaded under Rate Schedule (indicated by the red circle). Once all required uploads are completed you will then be taken to the receipt page which shows you the details of the submission.

From here you are able to go back to the project page or click Upload Another Submission if needed.

NOTE: Clicking the "Send Email" button will send the receipt to the email address entered in the form above (e.g.,


That's it! If you start a submission and don't finish it, you can always continue working on by clicking on the Work-in-Progress submission link under the Submissions section.


Choose the submission you wish to continue working on and click Actions, then Edit. From this drop-down, you also have the option to delete the internal Work-in-Progress submission as well.



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