Criteria Groups

Some projects have criteria arranged in sets or groups, where criteria are broken up into multiple sub-criteria. The individual weights of the sub-criteria sum up to represent the total weight of the parent criteria.

For these types of criteria, Bonfire allows the creation of Criteria Groups, where each group can have any number/type of criteria nested under it.

To add a new group, simply navigate to the Criteria section and click ManageOnce the Manage Criteria modal opens you can add a Criteria Group by simply clicking the Criteria Group button at the bottom of the modal.

Add a name to the newly created group (e.g., "Experience and Qualifications"), and then proceed by adding criteria under the group. The point weight of each criteria in the group is then summed up to give you a total weight for the Criteria Group.


If you would like your Criteria Group to be weighted differently from the actual sum of the Criteria in the group, you can fill out the - pts field next to the Criteria Group name. In the example below, we've changed the weight of the Technical Experience group (which has 30 points) to be weighted 50 out of 100 pts (i.e., 50%) in the overall Criteria structure:


For an overview of how to set up your Criteria, please see our How to Set up Criteria for Scoring page. Please note that beyond 200 Criteria Groups, you may not be able to add any further Groups.

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