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Consensus Scoring

By default in Bonfire vendors are ranked based on the average of the scores entered by the evaluators. During a consensus meeting if the group of evaluators come to an agreement on a certain score, you previously had one of two options to enter the agreed upon score;

  1. Have each Evaluator change their scores
  2. The Contract Admin running the project would have to change each of the scores on behalf of the evaluators

To make changes easier for users, and to allow organizations who run a Consensus Scoring workflow we created the Consensus Scoring feature.

This feature will allow you to enter a single score that will override the average and all other scores entered for that particular criteria. NOTE: this feature is not enabled by default, please contact to have it turned on.

Entering Consensus Scores

First, navigate to your project and on the Project Details page, select Edit Project from the Actions menu (top right). Check off Consensus Scoring to enable the feature for that particular project.

Under the Scoring Summary click on the vendor you wish to enter consensus scores for. This will take you to that particular vendor's scoring summary as shown below.

To enter in a score click anywhere along the Consensus row as indicated by the arrow above. This will launch the Consensus Scoring scorecard. Click to score a criterion. Enter the score, comment, and primary reason.

When finished click Save Score. When you hide the scorecard you'll see the score appear in purple as shown below.

Note how the Consensus Score overrides the Average Score and is the score that's used in the calculation to rank vendors. Furthermore, the Scoring Summary on the project page is updated with the Consensus Score as shown below.

Lastly, you can also enter scores for criteria that haven't been scored at all. This is useful where individual evaluators are not expected to score the criteria individually but can come to a group decision.

*Note that only a Buyer (project owner) can enter consensus scores on behalf of a group of evaluators.


If you have any questions about this feature, please contact

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