How do I eliminate/disqualify a vendor?

When a project closes you'll find all vendors who submitted under the Submissions section of the Project. As the Evaluation starts, you may find the need to disqualify or eliminate a vendor from the Active Submissions list (your shortlist of vendors). 

You can perform this action in Bonfire by going under Submissions and along the row of the vendor you wish to eliminate; press Actions, and click Eliminate:


Then provide a reason for why you're eliminating the vendor from the running:

Once you click Eliminate the submission will no longer appear under Active Submissions. Instead, it will appear under a new heading as shown below:


All scores entered for the eliminated proposals are still visible under the Scoring Summary:



From the Reviewer's/Evaluator's perspective, they can see that a proposal has been eliminated and the reason why, but they don't have access to the documents of the eliminated proposal: 



Advisors on the other hand, will be able to view an eliminated vendor's submission documents under the Submissions section. They will see a link to "Show the Eliminated Submission":


One last important note, the vendor is not notified when their submission is eliminated. Eliminating a vendor is a completely internal process in Bonfire.


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