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What are the email notifications that are sent to the evaluators/reviewers?

A Reviewer (evaluator) in notified via email when the following actions are taken:

Added to a Project as a Reviewer

This notification is sent to an individual User when assigned to a Reviewer on a project

Removed Reviewer from Project

This notification is sent to an individual Reviewer when removed as a Reviewer from a project

Notify Reviewers They Can Begin Scoring

When an Evaluation Group is released, all Reviewers in that group are sent an email notifying them they can begin scoring criteria in the group. The Project Owner is cc’d on this email.

Remind Reviewers

A notification is sent to all Reviewers on a project who have not completed their evaluation 5 days before, 2 days before, and the day the project evaluation is due. The Project Owner is cc’d on this email. These reminders are only sent if the corresponding Evaluation Groups have already been released. If the groups are still currently withheld, the notifications will not be triggered since the evaluators have not yet been granted access to commence scoring.

Notify Reviewer Of Score Change

A notification is sent to a Reviewer when one of their scores is changed by another user (Project Owner, Department Manager, Organization Admin). The User that made the change is also cc’d on the email.


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