What are the email notifications that are sent to the evaluators/reviewers?

A Reviewer is notified via email when any of the following occurs:

  1. The Reviewer is added to a Project.
  2. The Reviewer is removed from a Project.
  3. The Evaluation Group(s) that the Reviewer is assigned to is/are released, and the Reviewer can begin scoring.

    NOTE: The Project Owner is CC'd on this email.

  4. The Evaluate By date for the project is approaching, and the Reviewer has not yet completed their evaluation. A reminder email is sent 5 days before, 2 days before, and the day of the Evaluate By date.

    NOTE: The Project Owner is CC'd on this email. These reminders are only sent if the Evaluation Group(s) the Reviewer is a part of have already been released ahead of time, otherwise, the Reviewer will not have anything to score.

  5. One of the Reviewer's scores has been changed by another user (i.e., Project Owner, Department Manager, Organization Administrator).

    NOTE: The user that made the change is CC'd on this email.

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