What is a Reviewer? (How to add a Reviewer/Evaluator to a Project)

An Organization Member can be invited to be a Reviewer (or evaluator) on projects. Reviewers are users that can only view and score projects that they have been explicitly invited to. They cannot view projects that they haven’t been invited to, view other people’s scores, or create new projects, or edit a project itself.

This role can be added to a Project through the People section on the Project Details page.

Once we are on the Project Details Page, the People section will be listed. On the right there is the Manage button that will list the option to create/edit a new Reviewer, Advisor or Observer:


Once we have selected Reviewers, a Manage Reviewers window will pop up allowing us to add a new Reviewer by Selecting a User or entering an email address then clicking Add Reviewer:


Remember to assign the reviewers to the appropriate Evaluation Groups, to ensure they'll have access to the right documents and criteria. For more information on Evaluation Groups, click here Evaluation Groups.

You can Bulk invite by clicking on the Reviewer bulk invite button:


This will allow you to invite multiple Reviewers by entering multiple emails separated by spaces, commas, or new lines.

Below are the views from the Dashboard and Project Details page in which a Reviewer will see: 




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