Can my evaluators still score after the Evaluate-By deadline I set for them?

Yes, Evaluators can still access their scorecards after the Evaluate-By deadline (which you can set in the schedule section of the project by clicking on Actions -> Edit Schedule on the Project Details Page).

The deadline that you set is used to send reminders to the evaluation team to put their scores in. Bonfire sends these reminder emails to all active Evaluators/Reviewers who have not completed their Evaluation 5 days, 2 days, and the day the evaluation is due.

These reminders are only sent if the corresponding Evaluation Groups have already been released. If the groups are still currently withheld, the notifications will not be triggered since the evaluators have not yet been granted access to commence scoring.

Once the deadline is reached the reminders are no longer sent out. If you'd like additional reminders to be sent, simply move the deadline back to a future date and the reminders will be triggered again.

Below is a sample of the reminder emails sent:


Alternatively, if you wish to send a specific one-time email to your Reviewers, you can click on the Email button next to the Current Reviewers heading (see below). This will allow you to specifically email your Reviewers with a specific message that you type out: 


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