Why is my evaluator unable to review/see released documents?

If you have released an Evaluation Group and your Evaluators are seeing "Unavailable" under the Submissions section, odds are you have not mapped any of the Requested Information to the released Evaluation Groups yet. If no documents have been mapped to an Evaluation Group, the Requested Information table will have a very distinguishable warning in red as seen below:


In order for an Evaluator to be able to view vendor documents, you must first map any of the Requested Information to the desired Evaluation Group. To do this you will need to click on the Manage button under the Requested Information section.


The Manage Requested Information window will populate. Under the Visible to Evaluation Group column, check off the desired boxes to the Evaluation Groups you want to assign the documents to:


Once you have mapped the Requested Information to the desired Evaluation Group, click the Save button. Now your Evaluators will gain access to view the documents.

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