Unique Per Alternate submission (Vendor's perspective)

If an organization you are submitting to is accepting multiple submissions you will be able to submit a Primary Proposal along with Alternate Submission(s). You can prepare both in parallel (at the same time), however a Primary Proposal MUST be submitted and finalized before you can submit an Alternate Submission.

Whenever a Project has a particular Requested Information slot or Criteria that has been designated as Unique per Alternate, you will see an icon like this:

The Project Submission Instructions will clearly outline which Requested Information has been marked as Unique per Alternate as well as the maximum number of Alternate Submissions allowed. In the screenshot below, the project allows you to submit up to 2 Alternate Options/Submissions (in addition to the Primary Proposal).

Let's take a look at an example of how to upload an Alternate Submission. The screenshot below lists the Requested Information for the project. Note how the Requested Information for Rate Schedule has the Unique per Alternate indicator next to it:

In the screenshot below, this particular vendor named Dillashaw Construction has a Primary Proposal in progress (indicated by the Continue Submission button). They also have the option to prepare an Additional Submission (Alternate Option) in parallel (as indicated by the arrow):

If you begin an Alternate Submission, Bonfire will make it very clear with Special Instructions indicating that you may only upload for the Unique per Alternate slots.

In this particular example, our vendor has not yet submitted their Primary Proposal. For this reason they are able to prepare the Alternate Submission, but they will not be able to submit it until AFTER the Primary Proposal has been submitted.


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