Lack of Consensus Highlighting on Submission Scores

As scores are entered by evaluators you may observe orange highlighting around certain criteria when you are viewing the Scoring Summary. This indicates that there is a Lack of Consensus on scoring for that particular Criteria. In Bonfire, the Lack of Consensus highlighting occurs when there is a 30% or greater spread between the lowest and highest score for a given criterion. 

Let's take a look at an example:


In the example above there is a Lack of Consensus for the vendor "Valley Business" amongst its reviewers for the criteria titled "Responsiveness." In other words, there is spread (30% or greater) between the lowest score and the highest score submitted for these two criteria. For the vendor "Valiant Suppliers", there is a lack of consensus indicated by "Mixed," meaning that there is an even number of Pass and Fail responses for this criterion.

 Let's click on "Valley Business" to open up a more detailed breakdown:


In the example above we are looking at the scores from the Valley Business' Evaluation Group 1. Notice the orange highlighting the criteria with a Lack of Consensus.

For this particular criteria Pam has provided a low score of 6, meanwhile, Michael has provided a high score of 9. The difference between the low and high score is 3 points. The criteria for "Responsiveness" is scored out of 10. This 3 point spread meets the threshold of 30% which triggers the Consensus highlighting to bring it to your attention.


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