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How do I Archive a Project?

Projects can be manually moved to the Archived stage on an as needed basis. Archiving a project is a good idea when a project has been awarded or canceled. Once a project has been archived, evaluators will no longer be able to view or access it, and the project will no longer be accessible/visible from the Project Dashboard.

Only projects in the Completed stage may be archived. The option will not be available if the project is still in the Pending, Open, or Evaluating stages.

If a project is still in the Evaluating stage it needs to be marked as completed before it can be archived. Once a project is marked as completed no more scoring can occur and the scores are locked.

On the main Project Details page of your project, you can click on the Actions button and select Mark as Completed as shown below



To archive a project you can click on the Actions button and select Archive Project:



A prompt will pop up asking for you to confirm.

As the project owner, you can however still access the archived project (including any submissions and scores). Under the Navigation panel on the left-hand side, you can access archived projects by clicking on the View Archived Projects button.



If you change your mind and wish to un-archive a project simply click on the Actions button and select Move to Active Projects



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