Copying Submissions from MERX Integrated Projects (merge API Projects)

Purchasers that use MERX integration will have a feature in the back-end called "Merge API Projects" enabled.

Bonfire has developed a time-saving feature that will allow you to begin working on a Bonfire project (setting up Evaluation Groups, Requested Information, Criteria, etc.) while the project is still running on MERX, then later combine them.

In this tutorial, we've called this first Bonfire project DEMO-1 Mother. Our Mother project below has been setup with 2 Evaluation Groups, 3 Requested Information slots and 7 different Criteria. The main structure of the project has already been setup:



Let's have a look at the MERX integrated project that has just been imported into Bonfire. This project is called DEMO-1 Father. Note how this one has 1 submission (imported via MERX) and has 1 Requested Information slot as well.



From our MERX integrated project, we simply click on the Merge dropdown button (green arrow below)From the dropdown list, you will see all projects that are eligible to be merged with this Father project. You must be the owner of BOTH projects in order for it to be eligible to be merged.

If you do not see this button then the Merge API Projects feature hasn't been enabled yet on your organization's profile. Please contact [email protected] to request this to be turned on.



When you click on the project you wish to merge you will be prompted a confirmation popup: 


Now we have spawned a child project indicated by the "Merged 1" title incorporated into its name. This merge is non-destructive meaning the original Mother and Father projects are still available. The new Merged Project essentially combines all existing components and information/data from both original projects. Note how there are now 4 Requested Information slots (1 from Father, 3 from Mother project).




If you have any questions please contact [email protected]


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