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How do I delete/reorder Criteria?

To make changes to Criteria, click on the Manage button under the Criteria section:


How to delete Criteria:

This will populate the Manage Criteria modal. To delete any specific Criteria click on the delete trash bin icon for the desired Criteria you wish to delete. Note that if you delete a Criteria Group you will subsequently delete all associated Criteria within the group as well. Additionally, once you delete Criteria you cannot undo it.


How do I reorder Criteria?

Whenever you see the 3 bar icon (red arrow below) this indicates a particular Criteria group or Criterion that you can reorder:

To do this simply click on the 3 bar icon and drag to its new desired location. You can reorder a single Criterion within a Criteria group or you can reorder whole Criteria groups to change the order of scoring requirements. 

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