How do I setup a project that came in through the MERX integration?

This article outlines the steps to setup a project that has been created through the MERX-Bonfire integration. 

1- Preparing the Project to Come From MERX to Bonfire

During the setup of the project in MERX, you will see a checkbox which will allow you to use Bonfire to evaluate the project. Here's a screenshot of the checkbox:



Your vendors will upload their files through EBS to MERX. For the duration of the open period (when vendors can submit their files) the project will not appear in Bonfire. Once the project closes (closing deadline has arrived) the MERX-Bonfire integration will automatically create a project for you in Bonfire and transfer all of the submissions that came in. At that point, when you login to Bonfire you will see the project on your Dashboard page. Clicking on the project will take you to the Project Details page where you can setup and run the evaluation.

2- Setting up the Evaluation

A) Setting Project Ownership

To setup the evaluation of the project navigate to the Project Details page as shown below, and click Edit Project.


From the Edit Project screen you can change any of the attributes as needed. It's important here that you assign the project to the appropriate Project Owner:


Once changes are made click Save then Hide.

B) Setting up the Evaluation Deadline

Next you'll need to setup a deadline for the evaluation (Bonfire will send reminder emails to all evaluators based on this date). To do this click Manage along the Schedule section, and choose the desired date under the Evaluate By Date. When finished click Update Schedule.


C) Setting up Evaluation Groups

Next step involves setting Evaluation Groups. Through these groups you can setup either evaluation stages, or to section the evaluation among different evaluators.  If you're new to Bonfire we strongly recommend reading this article before proceeding, as Evaluation Groups is a critical concept to understand to properly run an evaluation.

For this example, 3 Evaluation Groups were created to reflect the 3 stages of an evaluation. Click Save and Hide when finished.


D) Setting up Document Visibility

With the Evaluation Groups created now we can assign which documents can be viewed by which groups. To edit this click on Manage along the Requested Information section. Next click on the checkboxes to make the documents visible to the appropriate Evaluation Group.Screen_Shot_2015-06-17_at_4.28.47_PM.png

In the example above we made the Completed Forms accessible to both Mandatory (1) and Technical Evaluation Groups (2), the Technical Proposal was made visible to the Technical Evaluation Group, and the Pricing Proposal was made visible to the Pricing Evaluation Group (3). When you hover over the Evaluation Group numbers you will see a tooltip reminding of which Evaluation Group is which.

E) Creating the Evaluation Criteria

With document visibility set, let's go on to setup the Criteria. To create Criteria click Manage under the Criteria section as shown below. From there you can either create individual criteria or create groups of criteria. If you're new to Bonfire we strongly recommend you review these two articles before proceeding.

Criteria Types - Explains the different types of criteria you can use to evaluate a project.

Criteria Groups - Explains how you can group criteria together.

F) Adding Evaluators / Reviewers 

Next step involves adding in evaluators to your project and assigning them to the Evaluation Groups setup earlier. To add evaluators go the Reviewers section and click Manage.

From the Manage Reviewers screen you have two methods of adding in evaluators. First you can add evaluators from the drop down menu (any evaluator who's been added to a project at your organization in the past will appear in the dropdown list). 

If you wish to add an evaluator who doesn't appear in the drop down list, you can invite them via email using the Invite via Email button.

 G) Kicking off the Evaluation

With the project's Evaluation Groups, Criteria and Reviewers setup you can now release the evaluation.

To do so, go to the Evaluation Groups and expand the section to view the tables. Each group has a table that lists the Requested Information, Criteria, and Reviewers assigned to the group. In the example below, Mary (the purchaser) has access to the Completed Forms document and the Signed Forms criteria.


When you're ready to kick off the evaluation, click the Release button next to the desired Evaluation Group. This will notify all reviewers within the group that the evaluation is now under way, will give them access to their scorecards, and make the documents available to them.

This is all it takes to setup an evaluation using the MERX integration. 


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