Seeing Questionnaire Scores Side by Side

If you're running a project with a Questionnaire component you may find the need to see all of the recorded scores side-by-side. This is really helpful if you're running a consensus meeting or you simply want to compare the scores recorded by reviewers.

In order to see questionnaire scores side-by-side you first need to access the Scoring Summary section. From there, you can view the Scores separated by the Question Sets:


Should you have assigned specific questions within a Question Set to a different Evaluation Group, you can see this in the Reviewers Scores section on the Project Details page. Simply hover over the total points in the Supplier row (as shown below) and a tooltip will appear, showing you how many points that the selected Reviewer is accountable for, within that set. In the image below, you can see that the Evaluator named Raul is scoring Questions worth 252 points out of the total 272 points. That means that 20 points from that Question Set have been assigned to a different Reviewer.



If you need to see more detail, such as Response Comments from the Vendors or comments entered by your Reviewers, you can export and download a Report. To access the report, scroll down to the Reports section at the bottom of the Project Details page, select the Questionnaire Responses and Scores box, then click Download:


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