Declaration Module - Conflict of Interest (COI) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

So all submissions have been received, the evaluation has been kicked off and you are ready to start scoring! When you initially log in to the project you will see an orange banner indicating that Declaration forms have been enabled for the project. In order to view any content, you must first digitally sign all required forms. Click on the Declarations button to begin the process.


The Declarations modal will appear. On this screen, the Declaration of Conflict of Interest will be outlined in the organization's specific language that has been provided to Bonfire. Please read the Declaration carefully. 


If you agree to the terms and do not have any conflicts, click on the checkboxes (as shown below). Provide a digital signature by typing your full name in the provided text box then click on the Sign and Submit button to confirm.

If you do in fact have conflicts with any of the listed Vendors, you will be required to describe the nature of the conflict. The Project Manager will be notified of the conflict via email and will have the opportunity to review it. At this point, they can send another request to re-sign assuming the conflict isn't deemed as a true COI, or remove the evaluator from the project altogether. The Request to re-sign option will be available for the Project Manager under the Actions button.


After you have successfully Signed and Submitted the COI you will notice a green checkmark confirming the COI form was successfully received.  Note the date and timestamp in the green banner below.


To sign the NDA, click on the tab to put it into context. Follow the exact same steps as what we did previously for signing the COI. Carefully read the terms, click to acknowledge that you agree to said terms and provide digital signature by typing your full name in the text box. The last step is to click on the Sign and Submit button.



After digitally signing the NDA form you will see a confirmation screen (note the green checkmark now next to NDA heading). The official date and timestamp of the signature once again appear in a green banner.


That's it! You have successfully signed all declaration forms and now will be granted access to documents you have been authorized to view.

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Editing Project Declarations (NDA) For One Project

If you are looking to make changes to a single projects NDA then you can do so by selecting Delete Project NDA from the Project Details Action menu shown below: 


Then select the same Project Details Action menu and re-add the Project NDA shown below: 


This will bring up the window in which you can make changes to the wording of the Declaration. Once you have made your changes select the Add Declaration shown below:


NOTE: These changes will only apply to the Project that you do this to. 

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