What are Project Advisors, and how do I add them to my Project?

What is a Project Advisor?

The Project Advisor user role provides assigned users with read-only permissions to the submission documents / data of certain Requested Information slots in the project.

Specifically, Project Advisors are mapped to designated Evaluation Group(s) in the Project, and can only access the submission documents / data of the Requested Information slots which are also mapped to the same Evaluation Group(s), once those Evaluation Group(s) have been released by the Project's Owner


How do I add a Project Advisor to my Project?

To add an Advisor to the project, navigate to the People section and click on the Advisors tab beside Reviewers then select the Manage button as shown below. 


The Manage Advisors popup will appear. You can invite an Advisor to a project in the same fashion that you can invite a Reviewer/Evaluator. To limit which submission documents an advisor is able to see, map them to the appropriate Evaluation Group(s).

If they have been a part of a project in the past you can select the user from the drop-down menu. If this is the first time the user will partake in a project, you can invite them by entering their email address to send an invitation.


NOTE: Advisors cannot score, edit, or modify the project. They also cannot view any scores recorded against the project.

If you wish to bulk invite multiple Advisors, click on the Bulk Invite icon on the lefthand side and you can then enter multiple emails separated by spaces, commas, or new lines.

In the screenshot above Michael has been added as an Advisor. You can add an Advisor to an Evaluation Group by checking the box representing the group. By assigning an Advisor to an Evaluation Group, you are granting them access to all the documents under that Evaluation Group.

When Michael (the advisor) opens up the project he will be able to view the same sections as a project owner (depending on what the project includes, an Advisor may also have access to Questionnaires and BidTables). The Advisor role does not see the Manage buttons beside the various project sections as they are unable to make changes to the project. 

NOTE: If Project Declarations (Conflict of Interest/NDA) are enabled, the Advisor will have to sign the declarations before they can access the submission documents.

To read more about the other User Roles available in Bonfire, click here.

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