How do I (the Project Owner) override or re-sign my Reviewers' COI/NDA Declarations?

When an Evaluator declares a Conflict of Interest with at least one Vendor on a Project, they will not be able to commence any scoring. Instead, they will see an orange banner under the Submissions section:


As the Project Owner, you will be notified of the conflict via email:


You can view the nature of the conflict as stated by the Reviewer, by navigating to the Declarations section of the project then clicking Actions -> View:Image_2021-04-06_at_10.06.06_AM.jpg


The following screen provides more details regarding the Reviewer's conflict.


At this point, you as the Project Owner can send another request to re-sign or override the COI assuming the conflict isn't deemed as a true conflict of interest. Alternatively, you can choose to remove the evaluator from the project altogether.


The 'Request to re-sign' or 'Override' option will be available for the Project Manager under the Actions button (pictured below) 

If you request to re-sign you will get a confirmation popup. Please note this will delete the Conflict of Interest record (original declaration reason, timestamp, etc...) and it cannot be undone.

The Evaluator will receive an email asking them to re-sign the declaration.

If you override the Conflict of Interest, the following pop-up will appear asking you to provide a reason for the override decision. 

The override will be noted in the Declarations section.

The declaration language and signing information can be exported via the Reports section of the Project Details page. 

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