How do I mark a Project as Completed and what happens to a Completed Project?

So your reviewers have completed all necessary scoring and you would like to cease all scoring access. On the main Project Details page of your project, you can click on the Actions button and select Mark as Completed:


A confirmation pop-up window will appear 

Once you have marked the Project as Completed, scoring will be disabled moving forward.

If any Evaluation Groups are still released, Reviewers will still be able to access the Vendor Documents.

Reviewers will also still be able to view and export their scores, but they will no longer be able to change or modify any part of their scorecard.

You will notice several other changes to the Project Details page after marking a project as complete. 


  • A grey COMPLETED tag now clearly labels the Project as Completed.
  • Back to Evaluation option now appears under the Actions button, if you wish to undo and revert back to the Evaluation stage.
  • You can now Award a Vendor
  • You can also now Archive the Project

Completed projects can then be found by clicking on Active Projects from the left hand navigation bar and typing in "completed" in the search bar as shown below:



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